3 delicious and homely ready to eat desserts to enjoy


Dessert is perhaps the most favourite part of a meal for people with a sweet-tooth. There are some people who simply live to indulge themselves with the most decadent desserts and sweet dishes known to mankind. Here in India, cakes, pastries and pies take a backseat to more traditional desserts such as halwa, peda, barfi, jalebis and more. Often accompanied with a laborious and lengthy preparation, these desserts are special because they cannot be made every day.

But what if you could treat yourself with the most lavish and rich traditional Indian desserts without having to spend hours in the kitchen or waiting months for a special festive occasion? Can ready to eat food products match the wholesomeness of homemade desserts?

With Kitchens of India’s delightful collection of time-honoured Indian desserts, you are in for a treat. Embrace a sublime gourmet experience with these classic sweet dishes co-created with the Master Chefs at ITC Hotels. Reward yourself with a pack of ready to eat desserts prepared with all natural ingredients and free from any artificial preservatives. Kitchens of India products are hygienically prepared and sealed in a special 4-layer packaging using retort food process technology. This process helps preserve the freshness and great taste of your favourite dishes until you are ready to enjoy them. You can also conveniently order this ready to eat food online! All you need to do is heat and serve your favourite Indian sweet dishes without any hassles. Let us help you discover some truly extraordinary desserts from Kitchens of India to give your meal a perfect end. If you are interested in learning more about nutritional food and drinks, visit this website https://www.crioceras.com/ for useful information.

Awadhi Badam Halwa

Inspired by the lavish Awadhi cuisine that embodied the richness and finesse of Lucknow’s Nawabs, this delectable Halwa is made with the choicest ingredients. This rich Awadhi Badam Halwa is prepared with grated almonds, simmered in ghee, milk and Khoya.

Nawabi Kaju Halwa

Pure ghee is used to dry roast grated cashews and Khoya for this irresistible dessert. The grated and dry roasted cashews and Khoya are then cooked with milk and mixed with almonds to create the Nawabi Kaju Halwa. Staying true to its name, this sumptuous Halwa is every bit Nawabi in each bite.

Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa

A special sweet dish reserved only for the most special occasions. The Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa is made with split moong dal as the name suggests. It also contains a generous mixture of dry fruits and Khoya along with pure ghee to elevate the richness and aroma of this gorgeous sweet dish.

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