6 Handy Tips to Effectively Clean Baby Bibs


For new mothers who are just about or have already ventured into motherhood realm, there are a few things that you ought to constantly engage yourself in. One of them is keeping the baby’s bibs stain-free and very clean. Hint: Copper pear bandana bibs come in handy.

However, it sucks to find that you might not have had an opportunity to learn how to go about it. But you might be wondering: What are the best ways to make sure you clean baby bibs efficiently? Look no further. This post outlines the ways and elaborates them.

It is advisable to go through the notes or guidelines on the baby bib care label if you are washing them for the very first time. Directions on maximum water temperature, any recommended detergents, drying procedures, and other useful information can b found on the care label. This will help you launder your baby bibs effectively.

  • Wipe-off Prospective Stains Instantly

In case of spit-up or breast milk stains, wipe them immediately. You see when they dry up, and it becomes a bit challenging to remove them. So it is advisable to deal with it while fresh. Yes, when it is not completely set to the bib, try to clean it quickly.

  • Pre-treat the Stain

Some stains do not go away quickly or easily. A few examples are ink, juice, spit-up, baby poop, and food grease. They need a bit of pre-treatment. All you are required to do is to spray some stain remover on the stain and then rub gently using an old toothbrush.

Afterward, let the stain remover get adequately soaked into the fabric for like an hour. Wash after an hour to remove the stain. You can as well allow less than an hour if you like, provided the spot remover soaks up well.

  • Pick the Best Laundry Detergent

A baby-friendly detergent that has no fragrances, chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, etc, is a great choice. Remember, your baby has very sensitive skin. So make sure you select a detergent that will not cause irritations or rashes to the baby’s skin. A liquid soap would be a great choice. To explore more information on baby soap and related products, you can visit babybedtimesettlement.com.

  • Drying: Utilize direct sunlight to dry the baby bibs

In case you fail to obliterate a stain, do not tumble dry the bib. Instead, dry them in the direct sunlight. The bright sunlight is known to help in removing stains out of fabric baby clothes efficiently.

So make sure you hang the bibs directly exposed to strong sunlight. By doing this, the stain will either disappear or lighten up. Eventually, the stains will have been removed.

  • Avoid Washing Bibs in Hot Water

See, if you wash fabric baby bibs I hot water, the stains set permanently and bib shrinks. This is because the hotness of the water catalyzes the setting in of stain by cooking the proteins in them. So never wash your baby bibs in hot water.


These six handy tips will help you clean your baby’s bib effectively. So remember to adhere to the directions presented on the baby bid care label, wipe any potential stains immediately, preheat the stains or make them easy to remove, always choose the right detergents, dry in direct sunlight always and never wash your bibs in hot water. For more baby care tips, you can visit 100babytips.com.

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