6 Outstanding Benefits of Easel for Your Toddler


While proper nutrition and physical activities (playing games, dancing etc.) help children develop physically, creating art helps them develop mentally.

You may only see your child drawing and painting, but the fact is that she is learning so many more things through art and they include even analysing and solving problems.

When your child learns drawing and painting, there’s something as important as pencils, papers, crayons, colours and brushes, and it’s a toddler easel.

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Here are some prominent benefits of toddler easel.

1. Stability of Shoulder/Elbow

Can you imagine how useful an easel is in your toddler’s development by allowing him to make movements that promote flexibility and strength all through the muscles and joints of the upper extremities?

By working on an easel, your toddler gets a great boost of strengthening because his hand works against gravity while drawing on the easel.

2. Ease of Drawing and Painting and Versatility

It’s easier to draw and paint on an easel than on a paper laid on the floor or table or held with one hand on the lap.

If you shop toddler easel at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or from other reputable toy store, you’ll find that the tiny easels are not only cute-looking, but are also convenient because they have spaces at the bottom where your child can store colours and brushes which she can get as per the need.

These easels are versatile too because your toddler not only can practice artworks, but also can familiarise herself with letters, numbers, shapes and colours.

Even you can use it at times to teach your kid various other subjects conveniently. For example, you can hang various picture or word charts or maps on the easel and teach your child or tell him a story.

An easel is also convenient for allowing your child’s painting to dry without having to keep the paper spread on the floor or table, or roll it and store it in a cupboard.

3. Posture and Core Strength

While working on an easel, your child has to either stand or kneel and that will make her posture right and core muscles strong.

There is no possibility of collapsing or inclining on the back of the chair; the only possibility is to engage the back and core muscles to maintain the upright posture.

4. Eye-hand Coordination

When your child paints on a paper on an easel, he has to dip the paintbrush in and out of the pot for which he needs a steady hand and at the same time he needs a keen eye too.

As the paint pots can be placed firmly in the easel pockets, your toddler can do this excellently without getting frustrated because there is a minimum risk of tipping of paint pots.

5. More to the Child’s Liking

If you observe your toddler keenly or any child for that matter, you’ll notice that children love to draw or paint on vertical surfaces like walls and doors.

By providing an easel, you are providing your kid something to her liking, i.e. a vertical surface to draw and paint. Thus, she will be encouraged to create artworks on the easel.

6. Joy of Drawing Together

An easel is a more convenient tool for kids to create an artwork together on a same paper.

With the paper hung on a vertical surface, your kid and his friend/s can draw and paint on the same paper without bumping into each other or needing to move the paper.

Don’t you think now that an easel can be a great tool for your toddler’s proper development? So, when are you planning to buy one?

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