8 Things Only Your Elder Brother Can Understand.


There are several things which your sister loves about your brother but they don’t explicitly say it aloud to their brothers. I think the reason would be quite simple that they don’t want their brothers to boast off their qualities. But we always enjoyed doing things together like watching our favourite talk show or movie, going to late night parties, playing our favourite sport and talking endlessly for hours. Here are 10 reasons why your relationship with your brother is different and special too.

I probably wouldn’t have understood games like cricket and football if it wasn’t my brother who would have explained to me the tiny little thing of sports. It was because of him and his super excitement and enthusiasm regarding the sport which made me end up liking the things.

If it wasn’t my brother who always use to put you in a tough spot, I would have always give up quite easily. It was because of him and the trivial battles that I used to fight with him did I realize that he was the one who made me stronger than I was before.

It is way easier for you to get along with your boyfriends because you have known how men behave in a particular situation. You know that a sister would not have been in position to help you out with the same.

You always had an eye on your brother’s sweatpants and sweat shirts. It gave me a sport look and sometime I like to wear something of extra-large size.

You want to hear the truth especially the uncensored one, I can hear it from my brother. He is the one who can tell me straight away not to triple text my boyfriend because he might need some space.

He is the one who can laugh at the weirdest joke possible because only he understands them. And moreover, he is the one who will save me every time from having an argument with my Mom and Dad. He will be the one who will step in at my defence.

There are many things only your brother will understand, he will be the one who will help you out with some of the most uncomfortable situations. He is the one who use to always calm me down and make me feel better too.

Admitting that you have done something wrong is the hardest thing to be do. But when it your brother, you find it easy because you know that he will never judge you for what you are.

For all these reasons and much more, you brother has been the best person to have by your side. You can send rakhi gifts for brother in USA to tell him that even when he is miles away from you but you still love him the most.

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