A Few Tips and Tricks for Picking Up Beautiful Beaded Jewellery


For as bad a rap as it can sometimes get in the press and public perception, fashion is actually one of the oldest and most common ideals around the globe. Sure, we all have different ideas about what fashion is, or what’s totally in or utterly passé, but there’s no doubt that societies throughout human history have developed their own unique fashion traditions. In a time where things can feel so conformist, or even cold and cruel, fashion provides a refreshing dose of uniqueness and individuality!

Jewellery is one of the most universally appealing types of fashion across the world, and beaded jewellery in particular is one of the most popular types out there. It combines the elegance and class of more formal bejewelled pieces with the casual touch of a beaded bracelet. Here, then, are a few tips and tricks to enhance the shopping experience all the more and help you choose the best beaded bracelet for you.

Customisation is Key

We live in an age where customisation isn’t just a major consumer value, but is also rapidly becoming an expectation. This, naturally, fits the fashion and jewellery world perfectly. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find the perfect Trollbead unique.

Colour, Contrast, and Coordination

One of the best aspects of custom jewellery is that it allows you to experiment with colour, contrast, and coordination like never before. Ideally, when selecting a colour or colours for your beads, or the stones which make up the jewellery, you want to pick options which complement your personality as well as what you plan to wear with said bracelet. After all, jewellery is among the most popular and opulent of all accessory options, so coordination here isn’t just key, but also a long-standing feature of what might be described simply as good fashion sense.

And then there’s the power of contrast. To make your beaded jewellery options truly “pop,” you might consider wearing them with outfits which contrast their colouring. For example, red beads will show up all the more vividly against the sleeve of a blue shirt or blouse, and vice versa, creating an absolutely captivating effect.

Dress for the Occasion

No matter what your tastes may be in terms of colour, contrast, and coordinated or complementary elements, there’s one thing you always want to consider when it comes to buying and then wearing anything, including a beaded bracelet: the occasion. Fashion is an art form, and making a fashion statement is itself a means of self-expression. That said, in the same way an author or singer needs to consider their audience, so too should you consider the occasion when it comes to selecting what to wear. Beaded jewelled bracelets might work better for some gatherings than others. On a more positive note, you can always take your coordination efforts to the next level by selecting festive jewellery—Christmas or Chanukah-themed bracelets for the holidays, Halloween-themed orange and black beads for October, brighter colours when hitting the beach, and so on.

Customise your look with some beautifully bejewelled beads today.

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