A Guide to Affordable Sewing Machine Repairs


Sewing machines are extremely complex and should something go wrong, the chances are you will need specialist help. You could, of course, send the machine back to the manufacturers, which would take a month or so, and it won’t be a cheap fix either, yet there is another alternative, which is to source a company that offers expert sewing machine repairs in Exeter and surrounding areas.

Affordable and Quick

By avoiding sending the machine to the manufacturer, you are lessening the time of the repairs (from weeks to a day or two), and the cost would be nowhere near as expensive as a manufacturer repair.

Range of Known Brands

Your local sewing machine repair centre would be approved to work on the following makes:

  • Bernina
  • Husqvarna
  • Pfaff
  • Janome
  • Singer

The technicians would be qualified to repair all of the above makes, and very often, the repairs can be completed while you wait, which is an added bonus. Serious repairs might take a couple of days, and the repair centre would call you once the work has been completed. Of course, their work would be under warranty, which does give you added peace of mind.

Proper Servicing

As you probably know, sewing machines do require regular servicing and if yours hasn’t had a service for a while, the repair centre are the people to call. They regularly carry out repairs for commercial outlets and would therefore have a wide range of spare parts at their facility, and with reasonable prices, your sewing machine will soon be up and running again.

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