Buying The Right Engagement Ring Q&A’s


Jring for your significant other. An engagement ring should be many things, including a symbol of love. It’s also important to choose an engagement ring that suits your partner, and that you like too. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a ring, and you may have a lot of questions that you want the answers to. To help you out, here are some Q&A’s for buying an engagement ring:

How Do I Choose a Size?

Choosing the right size is important. You want your future spouse to be able to wear the ring comfortably. There are a few ways you can guess her size, including borrowing or tracing one of the rings she may already have. However, if you can’t do that, you should know that the most common ring size for women is a size 6-7, and a size 8-10 for men. If it doesn’t fit quite right, most rings can be resized, so no worries.

How Much Should I Spend?

The three month’s salary rule is an absolute myth. You can find the right ring on any budget, just as long as you take the time to choose the right ring. You should make sure to choose a ring that you can comfortably afford. For more information about choosing an engagement ring, you can visit

How Will I Know They’ll Like It?

Since you’re looking to propose, you probably know your special someone very well. However, you may still be nervous about knowing which ring is the right one. You can take into consideration their regular wardrobe choices if you’re feeling very lost. When in doubt, go classic and minimal.

I Have a Family Ring and I Want Some of the Diamonds Incorporated into A Ring. Can I Do That?

If you have stones that you’d like to incorporate into a ring, you’ll want to have a ring designed to include the stones. Incorporating family jewels can be a wonderful sentiment, and allow you to spend more on the design of the ring as well.

Does It Have to Be a Diamond?

Gemstones other than diamonds make for wonderful engagement rings. Precious stones have value, add character, and are currently making a comeback. Traditionally, engagement rings were made from a variety stones instead of diamonds. So if you want the ring to be classic, or stand out, you can absolutely choose another stone.

What If They Don’t Like It?

This depends on how your significant other reacts to the ring. In some cases, they won’t tell you, so you’ll never know. But, in the case that either their expression gives them away, or depending on the person, they might let you know right away. You’ll want to know about return and refund policies before you buy, so you know what you can do if they don’t like it.

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