Create magic with various styles of lingerie


Lingerie plays an essential role in making one feel beautiful, confident, sexy and comfortable of course. From delicate, too racy   to an extreme, there is a wide range of lingerie that will give you chance to arouse different mood be it sensual, wild, sexy, mischievous, romantic or naughty. Needless to mention but still lingerie gives a chance to spice up the love life by experimenting with love moods and moments.

Different types of lingerie

While choosing lingerie remember  that you must know what’s appealing to your partner and thus make your choice considering this.

Baby doll nightie

The baby doll nightie is available in various material like nylon, silk, lace finish, sheer material, etc. it is a short gown, has bra like cups and a loose flowing skirt.

Teddy nightie

This short gown remains high on upper thigh while falling from the waist. The material can be sheer type or silky and is accompanied with matching skimpy panties.

Garter belt

The garter belt has to be worn directly over the skin and not worn with pants. This sexy stocking is attached to the belt and has 4 to 8 straps that dangle from it. You must wear a sexy bra to complement its look.


This is loose fitting yet short, it goes till the waist and is worn like a slip underneath an open jacket, wool sweater, or simply with a pair of sexy, sensual and matching panties.


The exotic look of it allows it to be worn even without a panty; this strapless bra has garter straps and falls from the waist. The design of it is such that it pushes the breast upward to make your breasts gain a fuller look and needless to mention makes the cleavage more appealing. It is usually tightening at the back with zippers or lace. It is suggested the best option when it comes to some sexy, adventurous sex act.


To get a sophisticated look a peignoir is the ideal choice. Made of silk and most of the time it is recommended to be worn without a panty, the dazzling look of it excites and eludes a man’s fancy.

Along with wearing different types, you must also remember that colors do have a deep impact in complementing your look, silky smooth skin and will ignite the mood for sure. There are various colors you may choose from, remember that colors do add a lot in making things look more appealing.

Along with colors, fabric does make a difference in giving you the feel and look. There are various fabrics in lingerie like elastane, silk, microfiber, lycra, polyamide etc. These fabrics contributes a lot in giving you the right feel, makes you feel comfortable of course. In fact, you must try out different fabrics that will expose you to the world of choices. Apart from the design and cut of lingerie, a fabric adds a lot in making the mood. You must remember to choose a fabric depending on the occasion, for instance, silk is not recommended for everyday use, but only during that special moment, when it will be worn just to undress it soon. See through lingerie is popular for sexy moments.

So, ladies while selecting lingerie whether for everyday wear or for the most special moment, consider all aspects. Style and comfort go together, always.

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