Five Reasons Why Crash Pads are The Ideal Accommodation Option


Gone are those days when military crash pads used to look like a hostel with congested rooms filled with bunker beds accommodating 10-15 people under one roof. Today, the modern  Randolph crash pad properties are nothing less than a luxurious villas. These rental properties are the ideal place for military people who want to enjoy a blissful stay during their training sessions. The best part is that these properties offer all the amenities that a five-star hotel would offer but in a more residential setting where residents can enjoy privacy, freedom, and a home-like feeling. Here are some reasons why these properties are actually grabbing the limelight:

Modern Amenities

These are basically luxury villas that come equipped with all the modern amenities that are needed for high-quality living. It has well-furnished hall rooms with entertainment devices like TV, sound systems, a modular kitchen with burners, water filtration systems, refrigerators, microwaves, utensils, smart water taps, and beautiful restrooms with heaters, bathtubs, lavatory fixtures, and many more. The place also features dining tables, patio furniture, hall room furniture, a well-made bed and mattress, a washing machine with dryers, and anything that a modern household has.

Stunning Interior

Apart from modern amenities, these crash pads boast a stunning interior with a well-thought plan. It has beautiful staircases, eye-catching decoration, open dining and kitchen space, scintillating lights, and other aesthetic features that are visually appealing and offers a sophisticated vibe. The interior designs of these properties can even compete with those of high-end boutique hotels. The only difference is that these properties are meant for private military rentals.

Private Pools

When it comes to outdoor luxury, these properties do not disappoint expectations. With a highly maintained lawn area and landscape, these villas come with a private pool with a nearby seating arrangement. Residents can enjoy outdoor water activities as well as soak up a good amount of Vitamin D from sunbathing. Some Randolph crash pad villas also have outdoor showers, private saunas, and a patio area with an outdoor dining setting.


Crash pads are extremely secure properties for two reasons: first of all, they are located in the military zone, and second, these properties feature high-end security technologies like digital door locks, CCTV mounting, and 24×7 guard surveillance. Again, these properties are impossible to trespass due to strategic construction designs and ensure quick protective measures in (very rare problematic situations.

Privacy and Pet-friendly

While having the same facilities and vibe of a high-end boutique hotel, these properties mark a distinction with their extra facility of privacy and freedom. Here, residents not only can enjoy home-like privacy but can have complete freedom in their accessibility throughout the property. They can cook, run errands, keep pets, and take part in gardening activities. They can enjoy playing games indoors and outdoors and have get-together parties, barbeque sessions, and picnics.


The accommodation benefits of Randolph crash pad properties are limitless. They are strategically located in proximity to the city center as well as to the military base. Moreover, these rentals come with flexible payment options with applicable monetary allowances. The property owners and managers will be in constant touch with residents to help them with anything they need.

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