The Triumph of Trousseau Trove and Flower Power


From committing to your life partner to flowers, favors, fashion and food – weddings are all about decisions. There was a time when opulent decor and entertainment was the norm but today, weddings revolve around concepts and thoughtful designs. With the wedding season around the corner, the search to find the perfect festive ensemble can be a daunting task.

The wedding planned should be an extension of someone’s personality and should be inspired by global trends that would match the chosen themes, colors and branding. Flowers are an important part of creating the feeling or setting the mood for a wedding with their beauty, color, elegance, and style. When it comes to unique, bespoke wedding experiences, with no spared efforts to create a culmination of fairy tale romances, the right decorator comes handy as they come with right florists who are the key to right flowers that would add color, prestige and aroma to the event.

Flowers in a wedding play the main role. It is beneficial everywhere from the bouquet of the bride to the decoration of the aisles. Indian themed weddings are nothing without garlands made of marigold, beautiful flower arches creating a stunning focal point for the couples’ entrance and table decors.

The trend of floral jewellery has scored points in the moments of elegance lately, like head wreaths for brides and corsages for grooms. The vivid tone of the flowers based on themes and colors serve a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos that can be cherished for a lifetime. Even Pinterest has opened up a whole new world of ideas and the digital world seems to be defining wedding trends since.

Flowers are aesthetically pleasing and thus a good amount of budget is relied on. From luxury flower bouquets, artisanal flower shops to internationally acclaimed luxury florists are hired for opulent and unique arrangements. The heterogeneity of flowers in a wedding decoration vary from Orchids, hyacinths, lilies, peonies, lotuses, jasmines, betel nut flowers, roses to gorgeous cherry blossoms.

Choosing the color of the flower might be daunting but what we need to keep in mind while picking our choice are:

  • Sticking to the theme as the theme is the most important factor that can make the wedding unique.
  • Of course, you can have several different types of flowers, but sticking to one kind is a good idea to give it a finished look.
  • Matching with the backdrop: If the flowers you choose to use are roses, use the same to design your backdrop as well.
  • Making sure it goes with the drapes or the curtains and the clothes of the bride and the groom. Flowers are generally scattered around or tied on top of the drapes, to keep the colours coordinated for a professional look.

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