Tips for Choosing a Wedding Florist


There are a lot of things that you have to plan for and decide when you are getting married. While it’s easy to focus on the dress and food, your flowers will play a huge role in the appearance of your wedding and will help to set the mood for your event. The right florist will not only be able to provide you with gorgeous flowers that you are sure to love, but it will make the entire process of selecting your flowers a lot easier.

What to Look For

Instead of hiring the first florist you find in your area, you will want to make sure that you like their style. When choosing Bedfordshire florists, take a look at the work that they have done in the past. This will give you an idea of whether you like their design philosophy, especially if you are more interested in a modern arrangement.

What You Need to Talk About

It’s easy, during your time with a florist, to focus on what colour flowers you want, as well as when your wedding is, but there are some important questions you need to ask, including:

  • Who will be arranging my flowers?
  • What flowers will be in season?
  • Can I reuse the ceremony flowers for reception decorations?
  • Will you deliver and set up my flowers?

Choosing the right florist may seem daunting, but you can have the flowers of your dreams at your wedding. Make sure that you talk to them about your design style so that you get flowers that will fit with the feel and theme of your wedding. Learn more about stylish wedding florists on this website:



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