The mother of the groom may not be the star of the wedding event but quite incontestably she is also the star of the wedding, after all, she is the mother of the groom. For that reason what the mother of the groom dresses in is undoubtedly an indispensable and a cardinal matter of concern.

In fact, it may not be as simple as it sounds like. It can be quite a daunting and an overwhelming task. She deserves to look dapper at her son’s wedding in a dress that highlights her elegance and is comfortable at the same time. A simple, old fashioned dress may not do justice to the role she has got to play at the wedding. So head out with your mom or mom in law and help her shop for the dress.


Without a second thought you should kick off your hunt by getting touch with the mother of the bride. As traditionally, how the mother of the bride dresses dominates the attire of the groom’s mom. To avoid a major fashion faux pas at the wedding party is better to come together and discuss each other’s style and fashion plan.

Keeping in mind what the bride’s mom is wearing you should also get a dress that is equivalent in formality as well as design. Ideally, the length of the dress for both the mms should be similar, the colors should not really be coordinated but if she is going for something lavender then you may opt for light pinks or blues.


Now the question arises where to look for the dress. Although you can come across uncountable option online but for a dress that holds a lot of sentiments, one should go old school and head out to the shops in the market. You may search at several department stores which stock up wedding clothes, you may go to high end designers if you are not worried about the price tags, or even the bridal salons have a huge variety of bride/groom mom’s dresses.


This may totally be dependent on your personal choice and the wedding party’s theme, time and dress code (if any). It does give you a very formal and classy look. Whereas, carrying a hat is also associated with a lot of protocols which must be followed for example, the groom’s mother’s hat should not be bigger than the bride’s mom’s, a hat can only be carried if the bride’s mom is wearing it.


We know that this event is very close to your heart and you want to dress like you had dreamed of since forever. But you should bear in mind that wearing anything that is not compliant with the wedding theme will make you feel and appear odd too. On the other hand it will be indecent to outshine the bride’s mom or the bride herself. Keeping all the checks and balances intact you should still look ravishing and emit elegance by all means.

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